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Can I submit more than one project to the competition?
Yes, more than one project may be submitted by the same individual or organisation.

The project I would like to submit has not yet been built. Can I enter it into the competition?
We do not accept projects that are currently at design stage. However, if the project is in progress you are welcome to submit it to the competition.

Can I submit a project that has been developed/implemented by another individual or organisation?
Yes. However, any project not submitted by its original designer/implementer must be accompanied by a letter of permission from the author agreeing to its entry in the competition and for its publication in the event of winning.

Is the World Habitat Awards competition only for projects in developing countries?
No, projects may be submitted from any country of the world. The World Habitat Awards are given to projects from the global North as well as the South that provide practical and innovative solutions to current housing needs and problems.

Is the competition for housing projects only?
Whilst the housing element must be key part of each submission, entrants are encouraged to submit projects that view the term habitat from a broad perspective and address wider issues such as social inclusion, environmental sustainability and income generation.

Can I re-submit a project in a later year?
Previous entrants can re-submit in subsequent years providing that the project has been further developed in the intervening time period.

Can I submit my project in a language other than English?
Projects may be submitted in English, Spanish or French.

Can I include photographs/plans/supporting documents with my submission?
Yes. Images, plans and/or supporting documents can be submitted via the online application form or by email to (if you choose to send documents separately, please be sure to include your name, organisation and the name of your project).

Can BSHF provide funding for my project?
No, BSHF does not provide funding for housing projects. The aim of the World Habitat Awards is the identification and recognition of innovative and sustainable housing solutions worldwide and an award of £10,000 is given each year to the two winning projects.

When can I submit my entry to the World Habitat Awards?
Entries to the 2018 competition can be made from 1 January to 31 March 2018. Sign-up to our e-newsletter to receive a reminder from us.


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