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2015-16 World Habitat Awards winners and finalists

This booklet includes information about the award-winning projects Caño Martín Peña Community Land Trust, Puer…

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Community-led Housing and the Right to Buy

The community-led housing sector in England faces a potentially catastrophic setback if it is left to fend for…

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POWER HOUSE nearly-Zero Energy Challenge final report

BSHF was one of the partners in the EU-funded POWER HOUSE nearly-Zero Energy Challenge project aimed to boost …

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Community-led housing case studies

These case studies, featuring a cross-section of projects from across the UK, were produced by Social Regenera…

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BSHF Annual Report 2014

The BSHF Annual Report 2014 reviews the activities carried out in order to identify and promote innovative and…

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The European End Street Homelessness Campaign

BSHF is working with a number of European cities to develop a campaign to end street homelessness.

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BSHF Strategy 2015-18

The early twenty first century is a period of enormous social change. Our world is being reshaped by globalis…

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The Green Mortgage Programme Report

This interactive resource introduces the award-winning work of the Green Mortgage Programme, as well as other …

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100,000 Homes Campaign and peer exchange report

This report presents the outcomes of our peer exchange to the USA to look at the work of World Habitat Award w…

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World Habitat Awards 2016-17

This booklet introduces the World Habitat Awards 2016 and provides information on the awards in general and ap…