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Peer exchanges are carried out each year to the World Habitat Award-winning projects in order to encourage the dissemination of innovative housing practice around the world and to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and experience. Bursaries are made available by BSHF, enabling participants from a range of countries to attend.

The purpose of the exchanges is to provide a practical, in-depth understanding of the technical, social and financial aspects of each award-winning programme. Intensive site visits form a major part of the exchange, providing an opportunity for participants to meet with residents and others responsible for the programme’s success.

After each peer exchange we work with the hosts and participants to produce interactive reports including information about the housing project or organisation we have visited, participants’ perspectives, photo galleries and additional resources. These reports are available to download and/or order via our Publications page.

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Our exchanges to World Habitat Award winners have included:

In September 2016 we took a group of practitioners from five different countries involved in self-help housing, empty homes/vacant buildings and homelessness to visit Self-Help Housing  in the North of England.

In October 2015 we took a group of homelessness practitioners from Europe to Helsinki in Finland to learn about the work of the Y-Foundation.

In May 2015 the group visiting the Hebron Old City Rehabilitation Programme in Palestine was made up of housing experts from several continents.

In September 2014 the peer exchange we developed with Community Solutions to see the work of the 100,000 Homes Campaign took a group of homelessness experts to Los Angeles in the USA.

In September 2013 we ran two week-long exchanges to Montevideo in Uruguay to learn more about the FUCVAM South-South Cooperation involving participants from several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti in the first week and others from Latin America and Spain the second week.

In 2012 we took a group to Nepal and saw the work that Healthhabitat had undertaken to transfer key aspects of their Housing for Health programme from Australia to Nepal.

We also went to Mexico City where we took a group of nearly 30 participants to find out more about the Community Programme for Neighbourhood Improvement.

Our third peer exchange in 2012 was to Egypt where our participants visited and learnt about the work of the Local Housing Movement Program in Minia,

In 2011 we worked with one of our World Habitat Award winners from the previous year to arrange and deliver a peer exchange to Sweden to learn about the Ecocity Augustenborg in Malmo.

See a full list of our peer exchanges

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