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We started developing The European End Street Homelessness Campaign in the summer of 2015 with key participants from homelessness service providers and local governments learning about the processes used in the 100,000 Homes Campaign.

One specific process applied in the US was called the Registry Week.  Over several nights, volunteers, in many cases into their 100s, conduct surveys with people sleeping rough to find out about their lives and the problems they face.

The mobilisation of numerous volunteers from within the cities and the results themselves create a sense of urgency in tackling the problem, and helps start new conversations about resources and procedures for getting people housed as quickly as possible.  Often new people get involved in finding solutions, and there is an increased focus of attention on the most vulnerable people within communities. After the Registry Week the aim is to action the data quickly, to match the most vulnerable to housing.

This short video by Arrels Fundació explains this important stage of the Housing First approach to ending street homelessness.

As part of the first phase of the European campaign, the Spanish cities of Valencia and Barcelona and the London boroughs of Westminster and Croydon conducted Registry Weeks during 2016.


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