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The Community-led Housing Alliance is an emerging group of organisations and individuals who share a common belief that:

  • Housing can and should be a driving force for stronger, more resilient, more productive, happier places, people and communities
  • Community-led approaches to housing have huge potential to harness that force
  • We can do more by working together than we can on our own

At the moment the Alliance is informal and does not involve any financial contribution or specific time commitment. We ask that people contribute their time and energy constructively as and when they can. We want to build on and develop the existing pool of knowledge, experience and passion for communities so that together we can make more community-led housing a reality.

If you would like to join the Community-led Housing Alliance you will:

  • Be able to help develop activities which enable and promote community-led housing
  • Be plugged into a growing national (and sometimes international) network which provides a rich source of skills, knowledge and experience
  • Be part of an emerging collective voice for the community-led movement

If you share the aspiration that all people and communities should play a role in making their own affordable housing solutions, you should be part of this conversation.

What being in the Alliance will mean in future is something you could help to decide!

To sign up, contact bshf [at]

 Organisations who’ve signed up to the Alliance  



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