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If you are interested in getting started with community-led housing there are various places you can get advice and information.

Start off by talking to somebody with knowledge of community-led housing about what it is you’d like to do. Over the duration of our programme BSHF has gathered an extensive list of Community-led Housing Support Services (primarily in England with some coverage for Scotland and Wales), and the types of support on offer. We recommend you start with an initial broad consultation with a support organisation. Community-led housing support services form part of a growing network and can help signpost you to useful contacts or resources, including funding and specific areas of expertise.

The most important thing to remember is that form follows function, meaning first concentrate on the what (rescuing empty properties, providing affordable homes, offering training and support, starting an intentional community, combinations of these and more…) before you start on the how (legal models, land, finance etc.).

If you need inspiration or ideas we’ve provided a selection of examples below:

If you are a local authority representative looking for more information about the Community Housing Fund see the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) guidance here.



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