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Good Practice Transfer

BSHF works to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and experience through a range of knowledge-sharing activities, including community exchange events and international study visits carried out each year to the World Habitat Award winning projects.

International Study Visits 

International study visits are carried out each year to the World Habitat Award-winning projects in order to encourage the dissemination of innovative housing practice around the world and to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and experience.

Bursaries are made available by BSHF enabling participants from a range of countries to attend.

The purpose of the visits is to provide a practical, in-depth understanding of the technical, social and financial aspects of each award-winning programme. Intensive site visits form a major part of the study visit, providing an opportunity for participants to meet with residents and others responsible for the programme's success.

Programme for the Exchange and Transfer of Good Practice in LAC

Fundación Hábitat Colombia, BSHF and the Ibero-American and Caribbean Forum for Best Practices, with the support of the UN-HABITAT Best Practices and Local Leadership Programme, UN-HABITAT/ROLAC, the Sustainable Development and Human Settlements Division of UN-ECLAC, the UNDP Urban Governance Programme and the Institute for International Urban Development, have developed a Programme for the Exchange and Transfer of Good Practice in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In addition to producing the 'Guidelines for Transfer of Good Practice in Latin America and the Caribbean' and the 'Intercambios/Exchanges' series, a range of regional exchange events have been carried out to promote the transfer of award-winning best practices, including winners of the World Habitat Award, to communities in the LAC region. For further details on the exchanges, please click here.

basin-South Asia Regional Knowledge Platform

BSHF is currently partnering with the basin-South Asia Regional Knowledge Platform to support the transfer of innovative housing solutions in the global South. The platform works with a range of organisations in the region to develop knowledge systems, transfer good practice and promote collaborative action within South Asia to enable access by the poor to sustainable habitat and livelihoods. For further information please visit

Further Information 

For further information on the International Study Visits and other exchange activities carried out by BSHF, please click here.

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