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St George's House, Windsor Castle

Each year, BSHF organises a three-day consultation at St George's House in Windsor Castle, bringing together leading experts and practitioners to discuss a theme of current housing concern and to identify ways in which possible solutions can be put into place. The recommendations resulting from these deliberations are used to encourage and support practical and realistic change in both policy and practice.

A report is produced following the Consultation which summarises the discussions that took place, illustrates good practice case studies and identifies the key recommendations for action.

St George's House is a small residential consultation centre situated within Windsor Castle itself, adjacent to St George's Chapel. Its origins date back to 1348 when it was established as a place where people of influence and responsibility could come together to explore and develop ideas about possible solutions to the problems of the day.

2009 - The Future of Housing: Rethinking the UK housing system for the twenty-first century and companion publication Perspectives on the Future of Housing.

2008 - Home from Home: Addressing the needs of migrant workers

2007 - Out in the Open: Providing Accommodation, Promoting Understanding and Recognising Rights of Gypsies and Travellers

2006 - Building on Diversity: Providing Homes for Refugees and Strengthening Communities

2005 - Redefining the Commons: Locking in Value Through Community Land Trusts

2004 - Recycling the City

2003 - Agents Rather than Patients: Realising the Potential for Asset-based Community Development

2002 - Sustainable Housing Solutions: Transferring Good Practice from the Margins to the Mainstream

2001 - Harnessing Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for a more Sustainable Future

2000 - New Frontiers in Good Urban Governance 

1999 - Building Safer Urban Environments: The Way Forward

1998 - Adding Life to Years: New Ideas and Attitudes to Housing for Older People

1997 - Housing, Self-help and Co-operation

1996 - Human Settlements as part of a Sustainable Future

1995 - Alternative Futures: The Reallocation of Power and Responsibility

1994 - The Reallocation of Resources to meet Global Shelter Needs

News and Events

Community-led housing case studies

These case studies, featuring a cross-section of projects from across the UK, were produced by Social Regeneration Consultants. They demonstrate real life stories, key messages and positive outcomes.

Supporting the National CLT conference

The UK’s national CLT conference takes place at The Abbey Centre in London on 28 January and has been organised by the CLT Network. BSHF will be attending and involved at the conference.

Community-led housing's tried and tested worldwide

BSHF welcomes a new report by the Smith Institute launched in on Tuesday 26 January.