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Asylum in the UK: An IPPR Fact File
IPPR, 2005
A report which aims to tackle the myths surrounding asylum seekers and refugees by providing data on asylum in the UK.
Attitudes Towards Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Other Immigrants
Finney, N, Peach, E. 2004

A report commissioned by the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) which looks at public attitudes towards asylum, how attitudes are influenced by the media and successful approaches to influencing attitudes.

Commission on Integration and Cohesion
Hact (the Housing Associations' Charitable Trust)
Housing and Support Services for Asylum Seekers and Refugees: A Good Practice Guide
Chartered Institute of Housing, 2005
A report which brings together policy and practical experience with regard to refugee integration, highlighting good practice, to assist housing organisations across the UK to develop housing and support services.
Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees
Opening Doors
This project has tested practical ways that housing associations can meet the housing needs of refugees, asylum seekers and other newly arrived migrant communities. It has been run by hact and the Chartered Institute of Housing. 
Our Shared Future
Final report of the Commission on Integration and Cohesion.
Paying Their Way: The Fiscal Contribution of Immigrants in the UK
Sriskandarajah, D, Cooley, L and Reed, H, 2005
A report by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) which explores the impact of immigration on public finances, by estimating the scale of the contributions made by immigrants.
Providing a Safe Haven - Housing Asylum Seekers and Refugees
Chartered Institute of Housing, 2003
A report which examines the links between accommodation and successful integration.
Refugee Action
Refugee Council
Refugees' Opportunities and Barriers in Employment and Training
Bloch, A, 2002

A report commissioned by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) which explores the training and employment experiences of refugees.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees