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Migrant Workers

Links and further information

A8 Migrant Workers in Rural Areas: A briefing paper
The Commission for Rural Communities published this briefing on migrant workers in rural areas in 2007.
Crossing Borders: Responding to the local challenges of migrant workers
An Audit Commission report from 2007 that focuses on the local impacts of migration.
Floodgates or turnstiles? Post-EU enlargement migration flows to (and from) the UK
An ippr publication that investigates changes in the patterns of migration.
Housing Rights Website

A comprehensive website that provides information for new arrivals to the UK and housing advisors.

Migrant Workers in the East Midlands Labour Market
Green, A, Jones, P and Owen, D, 2007
Report to the East Midlands Development Agency by Warwick Institute for Employment Research, providing a profile of international migrants in the East Midlands and their role in the regional labour market.
Opening Doors Literature Review
A review of literature on migrant workers in the UK was compiled by housing charity hact for their 'Opening Doors' project in 2007.
The Housing Pathways of New Immigrants
This research, supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, explores the arrival experiences and settlement stories of new immigrants.