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A summary of the community-led housing sector in the UK alongside potential mechanisms for scaling up drawing on international case studies from the World Habitat Awards.
Most people agree that there is a housing problem in the UK...there aren’t enough suitable houses... Communities could help fill that gap.
The community-led housing sector is a diverse one, with a wide range of organisations offering support and advice to communities interested in taking a project forward. There is a wealth of online information for a range of audiences, whether they are new to the concept of community-led housing or already heavily involved in a project.
A joint BSHF/ National Housing Federation briefing paper for the Labour Sustainable Communities Commission.
BSHF's briefing paper to the Shared Equity Taskforce established by HM Treasury.
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Community-led Housing

BSHF is delighted that as part of the programme funded by the Nationwide Foundation......

BSHF at House Party 2015

Programme Managers Jenny, Line and Tom spoke at House Party 2015 in Manchester...

Supporting Community-Led Housing

Our Community-Led Housing programme has received funding from the Nationwide Foundation...