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Community Land Trusts

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Capturing Value for Rural Communities
The Countryside Agency, 2005
A report on community land trusts sponsored by the Countryside Agency
CDS Co-operatives
Champlain Housing Trust (formerly Burlington Community Land Trust)
Common Ground - for Mutual Home Ownership
P.Conaty, J.Birchall, S.Bendle and R.Foggitt, 2003
A report exploring community land trusts and shared equity co-operatives as methods for the delivery of secure permanently affordable homes.
Community Land Trusts - Report on a Feasibility Study
Birmingham City Council et al, 2002
A report on the feasibility of community land trusts commissioned by Birmingham City Council.
Community Land Trusts and Mutual Housing Models
Greater London Authority, 2004
A report on the feasibility of community land trusts and mutual housing models.
Land for Housing: Current Practice and Future Options
Barlow, J, Bartlett, K, Hooper, A and Whitehead, C, 2004
locality, formerly Development Trusts Association
National CLT Network
New cooperative and community-led homes

The Confederation of Co-operative Housing, with the support of national English and Welsh housing and co-operative organisations, has launched a guide on developing new co-operative and community-led homes. It is a basic guide for community groups, local authorities, housing associations, housing co-operatives and others who are interested in exploring the developing of new co-operative and community-led homes.

The document is available in English and Welsh 

Permanently Affordable Home Ownership - Does the Community Land Trust Deliver on its Promises?
Davis, J.E, et al, 2003
Scaling-up or going viral?
Comparing self-help housing and community land trust facilitation

This article uses two case studies of community land trusts (CLTs) and self-help housing to explore the importance and effect of intermediary support in securing access to necessary resources. 

If you are not a subscriber to the site, please contact Tom Moore ( for a copy. 

The Benefits of Community Engagement - a Review of the Evidence
Rogers, B, and Robinson, E, 2004
A report that explores and assesses evidence for the positive results of community engagement.