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The main focus of our UK work is currently community-led housing. This is a rich and diverse field of activity, with a growing number of projects finding new ways to create housing solutions with communities at the centre.

Following on from our 2014 Consultation, Scaling Up Community-led Housing; BSHF committed to proactively support the efforts being made to achieve growth in community-led approaches across the UK. In 2015 and over the next 2 years, we will be starting a wide programme of promotional and collaborative activity. This will initially be concentrated in England, but we hope there will be many opportunities to share with and learn from activities happening in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as across the wider international context.

This activity is supported by the Nationwide Foundation as part of their Alternative Housing Models funding programme.

We will be seeking opportunities to work with others who share our belief in the potential of community-led housing to create positive and lasting change. We want to amplify the excellent work already underway to support new community-led solutions, and to create new opportunities. We will be striving to ensure the funding injection provided by the Nationwide Foundation makes as much impact as possible, working with a wide range of individuals and organisations to generate interest; provide support and information; and create new opportunities. We are already talking to lots of really enthusiastic and proactive people and organisations, but if this is a topic that interests you and you want to find out more about how you could get involved, we would love to hear from you.

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News and Events

Community-led housing case studies

These case studies, featuring a cross-section of projects from across the UK, were produced by Social Regeneration Consultants. They demonstrate real life stories, key messages and positive outcomes.

Supporting the National CLT conference

The UK’s national CLT conference takes place at The Abbey Centre in London on 28 January and has been organised by the CLT Network. BSHF will be attending and involved at the conference.

Community-led housing's tried and tested worldwide

BSHF welcomes a new report by the Smith Institute launched in on Tuesday 26 January.