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BSHF seeks to enrich the housing knowledge base by producing research and analysis that is informative, rigorous and reliable. We are in an excellent position to learn lessons from international practitioners and policymakers due to our involvement in the World Habitat Awards and other international forums. All of our research is guided by the BSHF vision and mission. We prize our independence highly and are committed to remaining non-partisan.

Our research is intended for politicians and policy-makers, housing practitioners, academics and anyone else with an interest in better housing for all. We encourage users to engage with the knowledge we generate in informed debate.

Our work has covered areas such as:

Our activities include an annual consultation at St George’s House, Windsor Castle and associated outputs; topical reports and investigations into a variety of housing issues; contributions to relevant government committees and consultations; and involvement in and contribution to housing-related forums and focus groups.

Our 2009 report, The Future of Housing, remains a comprehensive review of the UK housing system that has led us to address many issues in greater depth, including a review of support with housing costs, research into changing tenure trends and a range of proposals to increase housing supply.

All of our publications are available to download from UK Housing Policy and Practice publications.


Annual BSHF consultations at Windsor Castle

The first BSHF consultation at Windsor Castle was in 1983. The focus was the 1987 International Year of Shelter for the Homeless. The second conference, this time on the Global Shelter Strategy to the year 2000, was held in 1991. Following the success of these events, BSHF annual consultations at Windsor Castle began in 1994 with the topic “The Reallocation of Resources to meet Global Shelter Needs”. The Windsor consultation is a three-day event which brings together leading experts and practitioners to discuss a theme of current housing concern and identify possible solutions.

By making room for ‘high-quality disagreement’, we facilitate discussions that allow in depth exploration of the issue, and provide recommendations for effective action.

The resulting recommendations are used to encourage and support practical and realistic change in both policy and practice.

Information and follow up reports on historic Windsor consultations can be found in our publications page.

Our most recent Windsor consultation took place in May 2014 on the theme of scaling up community housing solutions