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The main focus of our current UK work is community-led housing.  This term describes many different types of housing including:

In other countries thousands of homes are delivered through community-led approaches but in the UK the figure is less than 1 per cent. 

We want to work with others to identify and support ways in which community-led housing can contribute more to the UK housing market. 

Find out more about what we are doing in our Community-Led Housing section. 

BSHF consultations at Windsor Castle

BSHF consultation events at Windsor Castle bring together leading experts and practitioners to discuss a theme of current housing concern and identify possible solutions.  

By making room for ‘high-quality disagreement’, we facilitate discussions that allow in-depth exploration of the issue and provide recommendations for effective action which support practical and realistic change in both policy and practice.  Follow up reports can be found in our publications page.

Our most recent Windsor consultation took place in May 2014 on the theme of scaling up community-led housing solutions

News and Events

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