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Sustainable Community Projects Across Europe

Publication Date :: 2005

A collection of case studies drawn from meetings and discussions with stakeholders involved in the creation of sustainable communities.
All of the case studies were visited by the author and meetings have been held with local residents, designers and key decision makers involved in the creation of a Sustainable Community. The Egan Review, Skills for Sustainable Communities (ODPM, 2004) defines seven components that together constitute the common goal of a Sustainable Community:

  • Social and cultural
  • Governance
  • Environmental
  • Housing and the built environment
  • Transport and connectivity
  • Economy
  • Services
A major outcome of the project has been the targeted dissemination of the findings to all those with responsibility for the development of the built environment in the UK.
Author:: Integration of New and Renewable Energy in Buildings (INREB), INREB-Faraday Partnership, Building Research Establishment (BRE)