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Current Developments in Housing Policies and Housing Markets in Europe

Implications for the social housing sector

Publication Date :: 2007

This report contains the papers from the first colloquium on the future of social housing in the European Union, organised by the CECODHAS European Social Housing Observatory.

The colloquium is one in a series of three, bringing together housing practitioners and academics to identify and discuss the emerging trends in social housing provision in Europe. The thinking that emerges from these meetings will form the basis for strategic thinking on a European scale, as well as facilitating the sharing of good practice for both practitioners and academics.

The key sections in the report relate to:
  • An overview of key approaches, trends and issues for social housing in the European Union
  • Trends in home-ownership policies and social housing
  • Privatisation of housing in Europe: Challenges for social housing providers
Contributors include Professor Whitehead (LSE/Cambridge University), Professor Doling (University of Birmingham), Dr Elsinga (OTB Delft), Dr Hegedus (Metropolitan Research Institute, Budapest), Mr Carvalhosa (Lisbon Municipal Neighbourhood Management) and Mr Sachs (Hamburg’s private/public housing company - SAGA GWG).
Author:: Darinka Czischke (Ed.)
Partners:: CECODHAS European Social Housing Observatory
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