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Innovative Housing in Europe

Innovative Housing in Europe 

BSHF is carrying out a range of projects that are concerned to identify innovative housing practice in Europe and to encourage its transfer. These include commissioning research on relevant themes and working with the European Liaison Committee for Social Housing (CECODHAS) to support research and events to encourage the transfer of good practice.

BSHF was one of the partners in the EU-funded Power House Europe project to encourage the sharing of good practice in energy-saving by social housing providers throughout Europe. This three year project was completed in 2011 and a further three year project is currently being funded by the EU's Intelligent Energy Programme. This is entitled the nearly-Zero Energy Challenge and will build capacity and confidence amongst Europe's social, cooperative and public housing providers ahead of the nearly-Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) obligations to be introduced in 2020, which will require that all new buildings should be nearly-Zero in terms of their energy consumption, with any energy required sourced from renewable supplies.


In partnership with CECODHAS Housing Europe, BSHF has published a progress report on the “Fair Energy Transition towards nearly-Zero Energy Buildings”. Social, cooperative and public housing providers in Europe currently own and manage over 27 million homes (12 per cent of the total housing stock), many of which needs significant improvement to increase its energy efficiency.


The progress report presents the current developments towards nZEB in Europe, as well as the barriers faced. The report also provides recommendations for action that could be implemented to ease the transition to nearly-zero energy homes, with a variety of best policy and practice examples emerging throughout Europe that are dealing with different aspects of delivering a fair energy transition.


The report was presented at the World Sustainable Energy Days conference in Wels, Austria on 1st March 2013. This report is available here and a copy of the presentation made at this event can be viewed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.


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Statistical information on social housing provision

In order to improve the quality and consistency of factual information on social housing provision in Europe, BSHF has supported research to identify current social housing provision in all 27 member states of the EU. The report below summarises this information.


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News and Events

Community-led housing case studies

These case studies, featuring a cross-section of projects from across the UK, were produced by Social Regeneration Consultants. They demonstrate real life stories, key messages and positive outcomes.

Supporting the National CLT conference

The UK’s national CLT conference takes place at The Abbey Centre in London on 28 January and has been organised by the CLT Network. BSHF will be attending and involved at the conference.

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BSHF welcomes a new report by the Smith Institute launched in on Tuesday 26 January.