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This publication introduces the World Habitat Awards and includes information on the entry procedure and deadline for submissions.
Welcome to the December 2014 edition of the BSHF newsletter. This bulletin is circulated to our network of friends and professionals interested in innovative housing issues and we hope that you will enjoy reading about our recent activities.
Report of the Second POWER HOUSE nZEC Symposium
The Second POWER HOUSE nZEC Symposium held in Versailles represented an excellent opportunity to assess the issues that cities of tomorrow will be facing in the near future and to discuss with local authorities’ representatives and housing experts about how Public, Cooperative and Social Housing providers should contribute to address these challenges and secure a ‘fair energy transition’.
Report on nZEB workshop in Tallinn
In divided and cooperative property buildings, the role of the tenant or owner is crucial for the decision making process, especially with regard to the retrofitting of existing buildings.
World Habitat Award winner 2010
This report presents the outcomes of our peer exchange to Egypt to look at the work of World Habitat Award winner, Local Housing Movement.
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