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Community-led housing case studies
These case studies, featuring a cross-section of projects from across the UK, were produced by Social Regeneration Consultants. They demonstrate real life stories, key messages and positive outcomes.
The BSHF Annual Report 2014 reviews the activities carried out in order to identify and promote innovative and sustainable housing policy and practice, both in the UK and internationally.
BSHF is working with a number of European cities to develop a campaign to end street homelessness.
What we do and why we do it
The early twenty first century is a period of enormous social change. Our world is being reshaped by globalisation, rapidly developing technology, climate change, polarising wealth and a growing population exploiting limited resources.
World Habitat Award winner 2012
This interactive resource introduces the award-winning work of the Green Mortgage Programme, as well as other initiatives in terms of sustainable housing in Mexico and their transfer through the creation of the Latin American Network for Sustainable Housing.
Welcome to the June edition of the BSHF newsletter. This bulletin is circulated to our network of friends and professionals interested in innovative housing issues and we hope that you will enjoy reading about our recent activities.
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