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BSHF is one of the partners in the Powerhouse nearly Zero Energy Challenge, a three-year project funded by the EU's Intelligent Energy Programme.
Masterplanning requires a clear brief developed through an understanding of local issues and challenges, as well as an appreciation of local assets. It should also raise aspirations and build a consensus for people to work together and implement the plan.
In Creating the Conditions for New Settlements the Building and Social Housing Foundation proposes New Settlement Partnerships as a way of enabling large scale locally-led development with a more active role for communities. The model proposes an equal strategic partnership between community representatives, developers, landowners, local authorities and other stakeholders (according to the scope of the development). The function of the partnership is to act as a formalised body, with rights and responsibilities for all members (to ensure democratic representation), to develop proposals and solutions that best meet the needs of a particular area.
In April 2014 BSHF submitted this response to the Social Economy Alliance’s consultation on well-founded growth based on information from previous BSHF research.
Baseline case studies report
This case studies report has been produced by the Housing and Communities Research Group at the University of Birmingham.
Welcome to the March edition of the BSHF newsletter. This bulletin is circulated to our network of friends and professionals interested in innovative housing issues and we hope that you will enjoy reading about our recent activities.
In 2013 the Labour Party announced that Sir Michael Lyons would be leading an expert review of housing, looking at how to increase the supply of housing in the UK. This document contains BSHF's response to the Review, drawing on research by BSHF and the findings of our annual consultations at Windsor Castle.
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