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An experience in Rio de Janeiro (Volume I)
Over 15,000 families have benefited to date from the Bento Rubião Foundation’s pioneering work with the Right to Land and Right to Housing programmes in Rio de Janeiro. These programmes address issues of land tenure and urban regularisation, as well as innovative approaches to housing provision. In addition to empowering communities to improve their living conditions, FBR is also working successfully to influence both local and national government policy.
A knowledge-sharing event between Gram Vikas, India and communities in Medellín, Colombia
CD-ROM of the 2006 International Study Visits to the 2005 Winners of the World Habitat Awards: the Energy Efficient Straw-bale Housing Project, China and the Solar Housing Renovation Project in Gårdsten, Sweden.
The second volume in a series of two which examines participatory rural habitat processes in South Asia and provides a framework for the development of a comprehensive Rural Habitat Policy for India.
A collection of case studies drawn from meetings and discussions with stakeholders involved in the creation of sustainable communities.
This paper draws out key lessons from the New Towns experience which should be considered in relation to the Growth Areas.
The first volume in a series of two which seeks to fill the knowledge gap in the understanding of participatory rural habitat processes.
Locking in Value through Community Land Trusts
The use of community land trusts ensures that not only can housing remain affordable in perpetuity but also that local communities have collective control of land and property assets within their neighbourhood. This consultation identifies ways in which they can be more widely used.
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