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A Special Edition of Open House International citing eighteen housing projects which demonstrate successful approaches to some of the most prevalent housing problems in the world today. These are all winners or finalists in the World Habitat Competition over the last five years. A brief description is provided of each project, together with a summary of the key innovative approaches used.
A commemorative booklet of the global celebrations of World Habitat Day 2005 in Jakarta, Indonesia, including detailed descriptions of the World Habitat Award winning projects in the People's Republic of China and Sweden.
CD-ROM of the 2005 International Study Visits to the 2004 Winners of the World Habitat Awards: the Eldonian Village, United Kingdom and FUNDASAL's La Paz Post-Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Programme, El Salvador
Carried out in collaboration with the Centre for Alternative Technology and the School of the Built Environment at Nottingham University, this research report identifies 18 examples of environmentally sustainable housing projects in the East Midlands region, as well as providing detailed information on sustainable construction and design strategies.
Unlocking the Potential of Empty Properties
There are over 300,000 long-term empty homes in England and thousands of empty, decaying and redundant commercial properties. This Consultation identifies how to maximise the use of these wasted assets to meet the need for affordable homes in vibrant and healthy communities.
A report showing how sustainable development or 'Smart Growth' needs to be secured through action aimed at upgrading the public realm, encouraging business growth and building sustainable communities.
The aim of this study is to evaluate the impact of the Housing Solutions for Peace programme, developed by the Guillermo Toriello Foundation, on the lives of beneficiary families and communities in Guatemala.
CD-ROM of the 2004 International Study Visits to the 2003 Winners of the World Habitat Awards: Common Ground Community, USA and Gram Vikas' Rural Health and Environment Programme, India.
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