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BSHF evidence to Public Bill Committee on Welfare Reform

Publication Date :: 2011

In March 2011, BSHF submitted evidence to the Public Bill Committee for the Welfare Reform Bill. This Committee is a group of Members of Parliament who provide detailed scrutiny of proposed new legislation.

BSHF supports the Government’s aspiration for a simpler, fairer welfare system that tackles poverty and supports the most vulnerable in society. However, if Universal Credit does not deal effectively with housing it will fail to achieve its objectives. BSHF has three main concerns about the housing components of the Bill.

  • The specification of the housing component of Universal Credit (clause 11) is very broadly drawn and draft regulations have not yet been published.
  • BSHF has expressed concern  about the impact of some of the changes to Housing Benefit announced in the June 2010 Budget, including some that are being enabled by the Bill.
  • It is vital that these proposals for Universal Credit are coordinated with wider housing policy, to create a coherent approach.

This submission can be downloaded here or from the UK Parliament website.