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Impact Study on Developing Local Capacity to Reduce Vulnerability and Poverty

Disaster Risk Reduction in Central Vietnam

Publication Date :: 2011

This report presents findings of a study commissioned by Development Workshop France (DWF) with support from BSHF to assess the impact of the DWF project in Vietnam to promote the prevention of typhoon damage to housing and public buildings over the last ten years.

Conducted in five communities in central Vietnam, the study shows that DWF principles of safer construction have achieved social and official appropriation based on their effective mitigation of the impact of typhoons and this has led to widespread adoption.


“This study validates the DWF’s exemplary work in bringing hurricane and flood resistant techniques to the people of Vietnam and firmly sets the scene for its broader application.”

Maurice Mitchell, Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Design, London Metropolitan University

Author:: Coordinators: John Norton and Guillaume Chantry / Researchers: Tran Phong, Bui Duc Tinh (College of Economics, Hue University) / Survey team in the Communes: Le Van Dau, Nguyen Thien Tro, Chau M. Quynh
Partners:: Development Workshop France (