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World Habitat Award winning projects: Cuba and Germany

Publication Date :: 2009

CD-ROM containing details of Ecomaterials in Social Housing Projects, Cuba and ZukunftsWerkStadt Leinefelde, Germany, winners of the 2007 World Habitat Awards and hosts to the international study visits that took place in 2008.

Compiled in English and Spanish, this CD-ROM contains details of both projects as well as additional technical documents, videos, images and the perspectives of those who took part in the study visits, offering a further insight into the programmes.

The purpose of the international study visits was to provide an in-depth understanding of the practical techniques, training methods and project management approaches used in the award winning programmes as well as providing the opportunity for the exchange of experiences.

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Ecomaterials in Social Housing Projects, Cuba
has developed and transferred a range of innovative and environmentally sustainable building materials which can be manufactured locally in small workshops and are suitable for both rural and urban areas. New job opportunities have been created and an estimated 2,300 houses in the Villa Clara province, and over 5,000 nationwide, have been built or renovated using ecomaterials.

Through ZukunfstWerkStadt Leinefelde, the municipality of Leinefelde-Worbis in former East Germany has effectively engaged with the challenges of depopulation, a failing economy and large numbers of empty and deteriorating housing stock through an innovative and integrated, participatory approach. New job opportunities have been created, the urban infrastructure and living environment have been significantly upgraded, and over 2,500 apartments have been refurbished to high environmental standards.

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