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Empty Properties Survey

New Survey of the Owners of Empty Properties

Publication Date :: 2008

A new survey has investigated why properties in the East Midlands remain empty. This survey was funded by BSHF and English Partnerships to support the work of the East Midlands Empty Property Forum.

The University of Nottingham survey unit obtained the opinions of five hundred owners of empty properties.  This survey provides detailed information about the owners’ perspective of their empty property.  The research investigates what might be preventing owners from bringing their properties back into occupation, seeks to evaluate existing local council measures aimed at bringing properties back into use and to assess which additional services or support may be effective.  In response to the survey, the East Midlands Empty Property Forum have made a number of regional and local policy recommendations.  It is intended that the research findings will help to inform both the East Midlands Regional Housing Strategy, and individual local councils’ empty properties strategies
Author:: University of Nottingham Survey Unit and East Midlands Empty Property Forum
Partners:: East Midlands Empty Property Forum and English Partnerships