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Urban Regeneration in Europe: The place of social housing in integrated urban policies

Publication Date :: 2009

This collection of essays reflects on key topics regarding urban transformations currently taking place in Europe and the role that social housing has in fostering more liveable, sustainable communities.

The authors examine the social, cultural and regeneration challenges common to most European cities, despite the local differences. They put into perspective urban regeneration developments, looking especially at those common trends that are increasingly affecting Europe, such as climate change and challenges of energy efficiency, economic crisis and its impact on the construction sector and, more specifically, on housing affordability. The issues addressed are:

  • Achieving Balanced Communities: Challenges and responses
  • Policy Measures to tackle Urban Regeneration in early Post-war Neighbourhoods: A reflection from the Netherlands
  • On the Governance of Social Housing
  • From 'Bricks and Mortar' Investors to Community Anchors: Social housing governance and the role of Dutch housing associations in urban regeneration
  • Sustainable Urban Regeneration in Europe: Rethinking the place of social housing in integrated policies

Author:: Darinka Czischke (Ed.)
Partners:: CECODHAS, CECODHAS European Social Housing Observatory, BSHF
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