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Perspectives on the Future of Housing

A collection of viewpoints on the UK housing system

Publication Date :: 2009

This publication is a companion to ‘The Future of Housing: Rethinking the UK housing system for the twenty-first century’. It is a collection of new and emerging ideas about the UK housing system by a wide range of academics and practitioners. The papers were compiled for the Consultation on ‘The Future of Housing’ which took place over three days at St George’s House, Windsor Castle.

The Building and Social Housing Foundation coordinated the Consultation, which was chaired by Lord Richard Best and attended by a wide range of experienced practitioners and academics from different housing-related disciplines. The huge variety of factors – economic, social and political – that interact to form the UK housing system meant that covering this topic was no small task. In order to maximise the effectiveness of the Consultation we asked some of the participants to write a brief paper in advance of the meeting on the key ideas that needed to be addressed. This publication brings together these papers and is a collection of some key ideas, rather than an exhaustive or representative summary of every position.

The contributions are arranged in three sections, following the format used in the Inquiry into British Housing, which Lord Best coordinated in 1984. These sections are:
Where are we now?
Where do we want to be?
How will we get there?

These papers were compiled before the Consultation in June 2009. The political and economic situation has changed since then but the core ideas outlined in these papers are still relevant. They are intended to promote discussion and act as a companion to the main report that summarises the discussions of the Consultation.




Author:: Edited by Ben Pattison and Jim Vine