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Cities of the Future: Successful Housing Solutions in Singapore and Surabaya

Publication Date :: 1993

A detailed description of the successful housing solutions being employed on a national scale in Singapore and Surabaya. Full information on the projects and their planning and implementation is included with full colour illustrations.

In both Singapore and Surabaya, the second city of Indonesia, successful housing solutions currently provide a healthy and dignified lifestyle for over four million people. Two very different approaches have been used reflecting different needs and opportunities in the two countries, but the results are similar: an increased quality of life for poor people and a sense of hope, dignity and purpose for the future.

Tampines New Town in Singapore is home to 250,000 people and is typical of the high-density new town building approach pioneered in Singapore. It provides high quality, high density and affordable housing for its citizens and demonstrates what can be achieved with a combination of political will, efficiency and a high level of public investment.

The Kampung Improvement Programme in Surabaya provides a low-cost, innovative and sustainable method of transforming high density urban shanty-type settlements into green and clean neighbourhoods. Success here has been achieved by mobilising people’s own resources and by increasing awareness of the importance of a clean and healthy living environment.


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Author:: Diane Diacon, BSHF (Ed.)