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Housing in Beijing: Innovative Approaches for the Future

Publication Date :: 1995

A detailed description of the Award winning Ju'er Hutong project in Beijing, which pioneers a new approach to urban rehabilitation and restoration. Full information on the design, planning and implementation of the project is included with full colour illustrations.

This report provides details of two innovative projects in the People’s Republic of China:

  • The Ju’er Hutong Courtyard Housing Project is pioneering a new approach to urban renewal in the very heart of Beijing. Here traditional courtyard housing is being restored and improved, retaining the vibrant community structure as well as helping to preserve the historic centre of an ancient city. Innovative design and funding methods have been used in the approach.
  • The People’s Republic of China also leads the way in innovative, sustainable and rural development and has developed 1,200 ecological villages nationwide.

Both approaches offer a sustainable, affordable and holistic approach to human settlements.


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Author:: Diane Diacon, BSHF (Ed.)