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Delivering Sustainable Urban Housing through Local Strategic Partnerships

Developing Capacity and Knowledge

Publication Date :: 2003

A report examining the role of local strategic partners and regeneration companies in developing sustainable housing projects.

This report examines the role of local strategic partnerships and regeneration companies in developing sustainable housing projects. In particular, it looks at housing projects that are designed to be sustainable by minimising greenhouse gas emissions once the buildings are occupied. This report includes the following:

  • A review of the legislative framework supporting sustainable housing.
  • An examination of the tools available in regeneration projects that can help ensure key sustainability issues are considered.
  • An investigation into the role of the key professionals (i.e. the design team) and their knowledge and experience of the relevant guidance and sustainable development issues.
  • Provision of an assessment of the ability of a local strategic partnership to deliver sustainable urban regeneration.
  • A case study of Leicester’s regeneration strategy and local strategic partnership.


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Author:: Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, De Montfort University, Leicester 
  • Helen Chadwick
  • Cheena Kanwal
  • Paul Fleming
  • Sarah Batley-White