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Framework for a Rural Habitat Policy for India

Publication Date :: 2006

The second volume in a series of two which examines participatory rural habitat processes in South Asia and provides a framework for the development of a comprehensive Rural Habitat Policy for India.

Following the 2005 publication 'Participatory Rural Habitat Processes: Emerging Trends', which reviews 13 case studies in South Asia demonstrating how communities can be involved in developing and maintaining the rural habitat process. this publication provides a framework for a Rural Habitat Policy for India.

The aim of this publication is to address the critical need for a comprehensive policy document for habitat development in rural areas, one that lays down broad guidelines which provide enough flexibility for interpretation and implementation at the grassroots so that solutions are truly responsive to the needs of the people.


Author:: Mona Chhabra Anand and Zeenat Niazi, Development Alternatives