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Safe as Houses

Publication Date :: 2005

A report highlighting examples of good practice by European social housing organisations in addressing problems caused by anti-social behaviour.

Housing organisations in the European Union play a key role in preventing and dealing with the problems caused by anti-social behaviour. It is important work. Surveys in Sweden and the UK, for example, reveal that fear of anti-social behaviour and crime heads the list of social housing tenants’ concerns. The costs of dealing with vandalism and graffiti are high and widespread and consistent behaviour anti-social behaviour can make estates unpopular and difficult to let, with serious financial consequences for social housing organisations.

Housing organisations working in the EU use the law as a last resort to deal with anti-social behaviour, preferring to prevent or deal with problems through:

  •  Good design and planning of housing and estates
  •  Good housing management
  •  Prevention and intervention, particularly with young people
  •  Working in partnership with the police, local authorities 
     and other organisations
  •  Working with local communities
  •  Security measures

This report outlines good practice examples from the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Denmark and Spain where these measures have been successfully used.

Author:: Mr Bill Randall for the European Liason Committee for Social Housing (CECODHAS)
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