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Recycling the City

Unlocking the Potential of Empty Properties

Publication Date :: 2004

There are over 300,000 long-term empty homes in England and thousands of empty, decaying and redundant commercial properties. This Consultation identifies how to maximise the use of these wasted assets to meet the need for affordable homes in vibrant and healthy communities.

This report sets out clearly the action to be taken to maximise the use of empty homes and redundant commercial properties in the UK, in order to provide affordable homes in vibrant and healthy communities. Detailed recommendations cover four broad areas of action:

  • Establishing national and local strategic frameworks for action.
  • Improving information and awareness of the current position in respect of empty properties.
  • Expanding the legal and financial tools currently available to address the challenges and opportunities.
  • Suggesting action to engage local communities in the process of bringing empty properties back into use.

Executive Summaries Available ...
Recommendations in the report are directed to those with particular interest in implementing the suggested action and executive summaries with recommendations for central government and the public sector and for local authorities are available for downloading in the Related Documents section below.


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Diane Diacon, BSHF (Ed.)
Silvia Guimarães, BSHF (Ed.)