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In April 2014 BSHF submitted this response to the Social Economy Alliance’s consultation on well-founded growth based on information from previous BSHF research.
In 2013 the Labour Party announced that Sir Michael Lyons would be leading an expert review of housing, looking at how to increase the supply of housing in the UK. This document contains BSHF's response to the Review, drawing on research by BSHF and the findings of our annual consultations at Windsor Castle.
Following the mission to the United Kingdom, 29 August – 11 September 2013
BSHF presented a written submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing, Raquel Rolnik, following her mission to the UK. The submission covers a range of issues in which the Rapporteur was interested, based on BSHF's previous work in these areas.
BSHF contributed to the Department for Community and Local Government Housing Standards Review consultation, focusing on the topic of space in the home and the potential introduction of space labelling and space standards.
BSHF responded to the Liberal Democrat's consultation on planning in September 2013.
In March 2011, BSHF submitted evidence to the Public Bill Committee for the Welfare Reform Bill. This Committee is a group of Members of Parliament who provide detailed scrutiny of proposed new legislation.
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