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Homeless International seeks implementing partners
Homeless International has launched the search for new organisations to become implementing partners of the Community-Led Infrastructure Finance Facility (CLIFF).

CLIFF enables civil society organisations to access greater public, private and civil society sector resources to deliver adequate land, housing and basic services for slum dwellers.

This is achieved through:

  • Providing funds to implementing partners that they can give as loans to projects/ communities for the construction of innovative housing and basic services projects for slum dwellers.  Once repaid CLIFF loans are recycled by implementing partners in the form of further loans to new projects/communities.
  • Providing funds to support organisational running costs, preparation and management of housing and basic services projects and documentation and dissemination of lessons learnt.
  • Supporting implementing partners to build their capacity and reputation so that they are able to independently access the resources required to deliver housing and basic services for slum dwellers at scale.
  • Influencing the policy and practice of relevant actors (such as banks, local and national government and international development agencies) to support pro-poor housing initiatives. 

Homeless International is looking for organisations who meet the country and organisation criteria listed here.

Please note applications must be received by Homeless International at by midnight (GMT+1) on Sunday 10th April 2011. 

News and Events

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