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Update: International Study Visit, Mexico
An international study visit was carried out from 5th-11th August 2012 to the Community Programme for Neighbourhood Improvement (PCMB), a programme established by the Social Development Secretariat of the Federal District government of Mexico City.

About the programme

The Community Programme for Neighbourhood Improvement (PCMB) is a community-driven neighbourhood improvement programme established in 2007 by the Social Development Secretariat (SDS) of the Federal District government of Mexico City. It uses a participatory approach to improving public spaces in informal settlements and low-income neighbourhoods, particularly those with high levels of social conflict, marginalisation and/or urban decay. Projects developed through the programme include illumination and paving of streets, provision of recreational, community and sports facilities, rain collection and drainage systems and small parks. Funds are distributed directly to the local communities, who are given full responsibility for delivering the projects selected, after training in financial and project management and with the support of the municipality. Over 500 million pesos (US$40 million) have been disbursed to date and the programme is ongoing, with 600 projects due to be completed by 2012 ... more

About the visit

The intensive five-day visit involved participants from 13 countries and involved in the fields of settlement upgrading and participatory governance processes. It included discussions on the various aspects of the award-winning approach, meetings with the various groups of actors involved in the programme (local authorities, academics, civil society organisations), as well as well as field visits allowing participants to interact with residents and the host organisation. Throughout the visit, participants were also able to share their knowledge and experiences in the field of participatory settlement upgrading with each other as well as with their hosts.

A report presenting the outcomes of this study visit will be available soon, highlighting key learning points and reflections.  If you would like to receive a copy of the report once it is completed, please contact us at

Please note that this event has already taken place and that this page has been kept for information purposes only. Thank you.

News and Events

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