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Space in the home: research project started
BSHF has begun work on a new research project. The project will explore the public’s perceptions of space in the home. It aims to find out how much space people think is needed for a minimum standard of living in Britain today.

How much space is ‘decent’?

The BSHF vision is that everyone should have access to decent housing. An important part of decent housing is that it should be large enough for the household. The World Health Organisation recognises that homes should have enough space not just for health but for a family life in line with the rest of society. So just how much space is needed for a happy, healthy life in 21st century Britain?  

Why do we need to know?

A range of different standards are used by central and local government to measure aspects of space in the home, like overcrowding and under occupation.  There is also a range of space standards available as guides for new housing development. But the assumptions behind these standards are not always clear. And there is little information on what the general public thinks is acceptable when it comes to space in the home, and what not.  

What are the implications?

The research project will create a better understanding of public views on housing space needs. This could include topics such as:

  • When is it acceptable for children to share a bedroom?
  • When should an adult expect to have their own private space?
  • And what kinds of activities and possession do we expect to have space for in our homes? 

The answers to these questions will have implications for policies on overcrowding, housing benefit and the suitability of new homes. The research findings will provide a valuable resource for debate and policy development. 

Find out more

A final report on this research will be published. Please contact us if you would like further information.

News and Events

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