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Power House Europe project to share environmentally sustainable housing practice
BSHF is one of the partners in the POWER HOUSE EUROPE project which seeks to mainstream existing know-how on refurbishing and building housing with optimal energy consumption levels. It is part of the EU-funded Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) Programme and is designed to trigger action to achieve the maximum potential energy saving in the residential sector. The project will run for three years and commenced in October 2008.

The starting point will be the tools and proposals for accelerating retrofitting of social housing which have been identified in the 20 projects supported by IEE in their Retrofitting of Social Housing programme. if widely deployed these tools and proposals will have the potential to boost the introduction of optimal intelligent-energy practices at all operational levels of social housing organisations and pave the way for similar developments in the wider residential sector.

The POWER HOUSE EUROPE project will develop hands-on targeted dissemination and knowledge exchange campaigns at national level to promote the maximum deployment rate of the tools and proposals already developed. Over 39,000 non-for-profit housing organisations from 19 EU member states, which together manage over 22 million homes, are brought together at European level by the European Liaison Committee for Social Housing (CECODHAS) who will lead the POWER HOUSE EUROPE project. BSHF was one of the founder members of the CECODHAS organisation in 1988. For further information on the project outputs, work packages and participants click on the related document below.
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