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World Environment Day
Since 1972, United Nations World Environment Day (5 June) has served as a reminder of the importance of protecting our environment.

On World Environment Day 2011, BSHF presents two World Habitat Award-winning projects that demonstrate successful ways of preparing for, and preventing, the harmful effects of environmental change.

Ekostaden Augustenborg, Sweden

In the Augustenborg  district of the Swedish city of Malmö, a number of initiatives are in place to address climate change, both in terms of mitigating its causes and adapting to its effects.

From installing green roofs to implementing storm water management systems, initiatives are in place to ensure that Malmö meets its target of becoming Sweden’s first climate-neutral city by 2020.

Many of the initiatives in Ekostaden Augustenborg are citizen-driven, like the local car pool enterprise and the Gnistan (Swedish) after-school centre, where parents are encouraged to leave their children whilst they themselves attend a training course or look for a job.

In Malmö, sustainability is understood not only in environmental terms, but also as an economic and social imperative.

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World Habitat Award Winner 2010

Preventing Typhoon Damage to Housing in Central Viet Nam

Reducing vulnerability to natural disasters and climate change in Viet Nam is the enormous task undertaken by Development Workshop France (DWF).

Storm and flood-resistant construction can save lives. Recognising this, DWF has worked over many years with families and local governments in Viet Nam to develop adaptation strategies and apply key principles of safe storm and flood resistant construction.

Over 2000 cyclone-resistant houses have been realised through the programme, with many other households choosing to use the construction techniques.

The building techniques are now being progressively adopted by local and provincial governments, as well as other NGOs and agencies, both in Viet Nam and abroad.

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World Habitat Award Winner 2008

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World Environment Day

India is the host country for World Environment Day 2011 events.

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