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The Future of Housing
BSHF launched a report in the House of Lords on 14th October 2009 at an event hosted by Lord Best. ‘The Future of Housing: Rethinking the UK housing system for the twenty-century’ is a wide-ranging examination that asks:

•        Where are we now?
•        Where do we want to be?
•        How can we get there?

In doing so it highlights the current dysfunction in the housing system and outlines a framework for improving it.

The Future of Housing, which can be downloaded for free, identifies 8 key areas that require attention if real systemic improvements are to be made:

  • Reforming the role of taxation in the housing system
  • Addressing house price volatility
  • Retrofitting of the existing stock to reduce carbon emissions
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of housing support systems
  • Increasing the range of housing producers
  • Improving the flexibility of tenure structures
  • Undertaking a regulatory audit
  • Encouraging innovation

BSHF will be pursuing a programme of work to help ensure these areas are addressed, including supporting the work of others to take on these important activities.

The report also provides details of over 70 more specific ideas for improvement to the UK housing system, each of which would benefit from further consideration. They should act as a basis for further discussion of the ideas mentioned.

A companion volume, Perspectives on the Future of Housing: A collection of viewpoints on the UK housing system, has also been published by BSHF. This collection draws together viewpoints from a wide range of housing experts and includes a number of particularly innovative proposals on potential developments of the UK housing system.

The reports are the first outputs from BSHF’s annual Consultation at St George’s House, Windsor Castle. The event was chaired by Lord Best, who contributed his extensive experience to the process. The Consultation brought together a strong group of participants with extensive experience and expertise to share knowledge and generate discussion. These included combining the skills of senior academics and sector leaders with people who were able to provide different perspectives, both from the UK and internationally. This combination of experiences provoked wide ranging and innovative discussions.

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News and Events

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