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Housing Forum Europe and Central Asia
168 participants from 48 countries came together for the first Europe and Central Asia Housing Forum in Budapest.
Creating a vision for housing in Europe and Central Asia

Academics, practitioners and researchers came from around the world to discuss key issues in housing, in the Europe and Central Asia region.

Participants were set the task of devising a vision for housing in the region by the end of the three day forum (4-6 April 2011).

Sharing examples of empowering marginalised individuals

BSHF held a workshop on housing as a means of empowering marginalised individuals and linking housing, health and other policy considerations.

Using two World Habitat Award  projects as case studies, BSHF emphasised the potential for good practice examples to inspire, promote and facilitate change.

BSHF also participated in a panel discussion on social exclusion in housing, presenting the case of communities resisting eviction in Istanbul, Turkey, drawing on a collaborative research report done last year by BSHF and the Development and Planning Unit at University College London.

Moving housing up the political agenda

One of the key issues raised at the forum was the lack of priority afforded to housing on the political agenda.

The need for more data on the impact of improving housing for individuals, society as a whole, and the economy was stressed.

For the final conference report, see here.

The forum organisers

The forum was co-organised by the following institutions: Habitat for Humanity International, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the United Nations Development Programme and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

BSHF was a supporting partner of the forum.
News and Events

Community-led housing case studies

These case studies, featuring a cross-section of projects from across the UK, were produced by Social Regeneration Consultants. They demonstrate real life stories, key messages and positive outcomes.

Supporting the National CLT conference

The UK’s national CLT conference takes place at The Abbey Centre in London on 28 January and has been organised by the CLT Network. BSHF will be attending and involved at the conference.

Community-led housing's tried and tested worldwide

BSHF welcomes a new report by the Smith Institute launched in on Tuesday 26 January.