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Publication: Accommodation for migrant workers
Migrant workers come to the UK to seek employment but all too often find themselves living in expensive, overcrowded and poor-quality accommodation. This report seeks to make a fresh assessment of this important issue.

In June 2008, BSHF coordinated an in-depth Consultation that brought together people with a wide variety of experiences and interests in this issue. The discussions led to a series of recommended actions to address current accommodation issues and create systems that will respond to future migration.

These recommendations are wide-ranging and varied to reflect the different impacts that migration has in different locations and communities. Settled communities will benefit as much as migrant workers from these recommendations. 

The report is titled ‘Home from Home’ and its recommendations cover four broad areas of action:

  • Improving accommodation options and addressing homelessness     
  • Improving accommodation conditions and enforcement of standards     
  • Building stronger communities
  • Delivering change

A number of the recommendations relate directly to environmental health officers and these can also be found in a separate summary.

BSHF is now hoping to drive forward some of the recommendations from the report. Therefore we would be interested in hearing about examples of good practice or particular issues that you face relating to migrant workers. Please contact us either by email at or call us to tell us about your local situation. Both the report and summary for environmental health departments are available to download for free.
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