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Housing supply analysis published
BSHF is publishing the findings of a substantial new analysis of housing undersupply in the UK.
This report emphasises the impact of the lack of new homes on individuals, wider society and the economy. The analysis highlights the longstanding barriers to new housing, such as land, planning and opposition to development, which have been compounded by the recent financial crisis. 

The report goes on to analyse the response of the coalition government and outline a coherent framework to move towards delivering the number of new homes which are required. Four areas for greater action are identified along with specific recommendations to increase housing supply. The four areas are: 

  • Build more places
  • Enhance delivery of land
  • Ensure that an appropriate range of finance is available to support development
  • Maximise the use of existing building stock

The report represents the findings of a Consultation held at St George’s House, Windsor Castle in June 2011. The Consultation was attended by a wide range of housing practitioners and housing policy experts with experience from UK and internationally.

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