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The World Habitat Awards recognise innovative, sustainable and scalable solutions to key housing challenges facing communities around the world.
David Ireland comments on solutions to global housing issues, on his return from the BSHF-funded peer exchange to the 100,000 Homes Campaign in the USA.
In July 2014 BSHF submitted a response to the National Institute for Health Care and Excellence’s (NICE) consultation on excess winter deaths and illnesses and the health risks associated with cold homes. The goal of the proposed guidelines, which are aimed at a range of key stakeholders including health and wellbeing boards and housing and healthcare providers, is to reduce preventable, excess winter deaths and improve health and wellbeing among vulnerable groups.
Community Land Trusts are a great way to deliver housing that is affordable for local people, as well as bringing a whole host of additional benefits.
The 2013/14 World Habitat Awards for innovative and sustainable housing solutions were presented at the closing ceremony of the World Urban Forum 7 in Medellín, Colombia on Friday, 11 April 2014.
This report showcases the work of the winner of the 2012 World Habitat Award ‘South-South Cooperation: international transfer of the FUCVAM model of mutual aid housing cooperatives’.
In housing there are things that make your heart leap and others that make you want to weep. In my first two months as BSHF’s new Director I have seen both.
Report published following a workshop and study visit held in Spain on the topic of financing opportunities for energy efficiency in housing.
Applications are still being accepted for the international peer exchange to the winner of the 2013/14 World Habitat Award: Hebron Old City Rehabilitation Programme, Palestine.
Working in the field of homelessness or housing in historic cities? Applications are now being accepted for the international peer exchanges to the winners of the 2013/14 World Habitat Awards: Hebron Old City Rehabilitation Programme, Palestine, and the 100,000 Homes Campaign, USA.
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