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Building and Social Housing Foundation

Tackling Homelessness

Homelessness is an increasingly pressing issue across the globe. In Europe it is rising in almost every nation, with an upsurge in people living rough. Despite this, there are solutions. BSHF is helping to transfer lessons about tackling chronic homelessness from the US to a European context.

Community Led Housing

BSHF has a longstanding interest in approaches to housing where communities take the lead. Our current work is focused on supporting the scaling up of community-led housing solutions, where we are able to draw on a wealth of expertise and innovative practice across the UK and beyond.

How do we end homelessness?

An international peer exchange to Finland

Community-led Housing and the Right to Buy

Community-led housing is about much more than just building homes. We’re working with others to protect it from losing homes when new legislation is introduced.

Learning from informality

"I’m still surprised by the disproportionate attention paid to urban inequality and informality." says Line Algoed

About BSHF

Established in 1976, BSHF is an independent organisation that works around the world to identify innovative housing solutions and to foster the exchange of information and good practice.

World Habitat Awards

The World Habitat Awards were established in 1985 by BSHF to identify and celebrate practical and innovative solutions to current housing needs and problems around the world.