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BSHF is a registered charity whose objectives are to carry out research into all aspects of residential housing and publish the results of that research. As a company limited by guarantee it has no shareholders and all its funds are used to deliver its charitable objectives. BSHF is governed by a board of directors, who are also the trustees of the charity. BSHF has a small, dedicated team of staff and works in collaboration with a range of organisations throughout the world.

BSHF is financially independent, deriving its income from the land, property and investments that it owns. It is based in the former mining town of Coalville in the East Midlands region of the United Kingdom, where it has strong historical ties. 

BSHF is recognised by the Department of Public Information of the United Nations. Since 2006 we have held Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, reflecting our work in support of the goals of UN-HABITAT.

The members of our staff team are:

  • Mansoor Ali, Head of International Programmes
  • Tom Archer, Programme Manager
  • Isobel Ashford, Head of Communications
  • Joanne Hall, Financial Controller
  • Kate Hartshorne, Research Administrator
  • David Ireland, Director
  • Jennifer Line, Programme Manager
  • Jelly Moring, Programme Manager
  • Jennifer Neville, Research Administrator (Maternity Leave)
  • Jen Pearce, Researcher (Maternity Leave)
  • Sharon Smith, Executive Assistant

All members of staff can be contacted via or individually using the formula  

The members of our board of trustees are:

  • Stephanie Bamford
  • Carol Dair
  • Pat Elderfield
  • Jill Gibbs
  • Bosa Opacic
  • Geoff Payne
  • Alan Pearson
  • John Strange (Chair)


We welcome any comments you have on the work we carry out and value any suggestions you put forward so that we can improve what we do. If you have a complaint about BSHF please refer to our complaints procedure in the Related Documents section below.

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