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BSHF Strategy 2015-18

The early twenty first century is a period of enormous social change. Our world is being reshaped by globalisation, rapidly developing technology, climate change, polarising wealth and a growing population exploiting limited resources.

These changes are having a profound impact on where and how people live. They bring
threats of social division and conflict. All too often the worst effects are felt by the most
vulnerable people and those on the lowest incomes.

But change also brings opportunities. The early twenty first century is proving a period
of abundance for creative new ideas, for realising innovative thinking and for advancing
the way homes are provided and the way in which people live.

At BSHF we want to make the most of these opportunities and help spread the beneficial
effects to those most in need. Our work, outlined in this strategy, is dedicated to making this happen.

David Ireland OBE
Director, BSHF