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promoting innovative housing policy and practice

About Us

Our vision and mission

BSHF believes that everyone should have access to decent housing

When we say that housing should be decent, we mean that it should:

  • Provide durable shelter from the elements
  • Be sufficiently affordable that other basic needs can be met
  • Provide secure tenure without fear of eviction
  • Have access to clean water and sanitation
  • Be large enough for the household
  • Be energy efficient and environmentally responsible
  • Offer access to livelihood opportunities and health and education provision
  • Promote a sense of safety, well-being and belonging.

How are we going to achieve our vision?

BSHF is working to help people access decent housing through identifying innovative housing policy and practice, promoting these ideas and examples and supporting the exchange and transfer of good practice.

BSHF works both in the UK and internationally, in collaboration with a range of organisations.